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Getting to Val d’Isère in the Winter is very easy, with various options to choose from.

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Map of Val d’Isère

Getting flights to Val d'Isère is perhaps the quickest and easiest way with planes from all over the UK arriving regularly. The four airports closest to Val d’Isère are:

Geneva: Flights from the UK come into Geneva, Switzerland very regularly with various airlines such as BA and Easyjet offering a good price. Geneva is the furthest of the 3, being approximately 3.5 hours drive away from resort. There are many regular connections from Geneva (coaches/buses), more so than the other 2 airports and Geneva rarely closes for bad weather. If you are hiring a car, the journey from Geneva is longer and slightly more complicated than the other 2 airports.

Chambery: Chambery, France is the closest airport to Val d’Isère, being only 2.5 hours away. However flights are not as regular as Geneva and the airport is more likely to close due to bad weather.

Grenoble: Grenobal, France is a small airport so very easy when you arrive. However flights are not as regular. It is between 2.5/3 hours to Val d’Isere, but again like Chambery there can be delays if the weather is bad.

Lyon: Lyon airport in France is about 3 hours away from val disere and flights are more regular than Chambery. If you are hiring a car the journey is easier than from Geneva but there are fewer connections to the resort if you are planning on getting a coach/bus.

Snowjet is a skiflight specialist company offering flights to and from Chambery airport. Private flights are also available if you fancy a luxurious journey with transfers to and from resort included!

British Airways,
British Midland,
Easy Jet,
Ryan Air

After booking your flights to val disere, you then need to think about getting to the resort. Val disere transfers can be done privately or on a public coach/bus; all of these options are available from each of the above mentioned airports.

Private Val d’Isère Transfers
If you would like a private transfer to Val d’Isere we can organise this for you and will be able to provide the best quote, so please check with us before booking your Val d’Isere transfers (}. All vechials are high quality and well maintained. Please send us the following information and we will send you the quote and book the Val d’Isère transfer for you.

For Val d’Isère Transfers
• Client Contact Number (when traveling)
• Total number for transfer
• From/To Airport or Station
• Flight dates, Flight Number and times
• Children - ages for child seats

The coach from Geneva leaves the airport 8 times a day and will cost approximately €60 for an adult single. If you are coming in a large group it is advisable to book beforehand but there are often one or 2 free seats which are available to book on arrival at the airport. See for the timetable for this coach.
Lyon has a similar coach service which costs about €66 for an adult single. See for more information. If you are flying into Chambery or Grenoble it is advisable to book a private transfer or hire a car.

It is definitely advisable to prebook any val disere transfers. Getting into a taxi once you arrive at the airport is going to be very expensive so do be careful to plan your journey beforehand.

There are no trains to take you all the way into val disere resort. The nearest train station is Bourg St Maurice, about 30-45 mins drive away from the resort. If you choose to take the train you will need to arrange to catch a bus or organise a private transfer to take you on the last leg of your journey. Buses from Bourg go every couple of hours or so and cost about €10 for an adult single.

However the last coach leaves the train station at 6pm so be careful of your timings.

See for more details

For private transfers from Bourg to Val d’Isère contact us direct at

The two train options from the UK to Bourg St Maurice are either the Eurostar or the Snow train. See their websites for time and route options as well as prices.

The Snow train offers a return service where you have 8 days skiing, we can look after your luggage if you take this option but you still have to leave your accommodation at 10am. However we will try to accommodate where ever we can.

Hire Car
Hiring a car once you arrive at the airport is another popular option that many people take advantage of. If you are coming as a family or group of friends it isn’t necessarily an expensive choice and provides a certain freedom. Having a car throughout your stay in Val d’Isère is always handy, for a quick supplies trip down the mountain to the supermarkets or even nipping over the boarder for a day of skiing Italian style!

Hire can be arranged at all of the above mentioned airports, try the following for a price comparison.

If you have a car which needs to be parked in Val d’Isere, either from a hire company or your own vehicle check with us to see if we supply a space. For other parking options, use this link to contact the office in Val d’Isère

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